Jetblue Credit Card

Jetblue Credit Card is a Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

Jetblue Credit Card is designed for frequent users of Jetblue. Jetblue Credit Card is a Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

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Jetblue Credit Card List

JetBlue Card

The JetBlue card features a great APR for an airline rewards card — however, if you are seeking to finance a new purchase, you may be better off with a card that offers a 0-percent introductory APR for new purchases.

JetBlue Plus Card

The JetBlue Plus card offers a very reasonable APR for an airline rewards card; however, it’s far from the best choice for saving on interest payments, due to its high annual fee and lack of a 0-percent introductory APR for new purchases.

JetBlue Business Mastercard®

The JetBlue Business Mastercard is definitely a card to consider if you own a business and frequently fly JetBlue.

You’ll be able to rack up a lot of points (6 per dollar on JetBlue purchases), especially because your employees will add to your total with their spending. There are also quite a few other great benefits included which are sure to make your flights cheaper and more enjoyable.

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If you don't want to pay off your balance in full every month, you can choose Bank of America® Travel Rewards.

Bank of America® Travel Rewards

You can travel anytime you want with this flexible travel card: The Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card sets itself apart from other travel cards by doing away with restrictive travel policies and letting you book your rewards-funded travel yourself.

If you would like to shop at Store, you can choose JCPenney Credit Card.

JCPenney Credit Card

With paltry rewards and a high APR, the JCPenney card is a poor choice for most cardholders, save for dedicated fans of the store who may appreciate the card’s special savings opportunities.

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What Credit Cards Are Available? (3)

JetBlue Card JetBlue Card JetBlue Plus Card JetBlue Plus Card JetBlue Business Mastercard® JetBlue Business Mastercard®
Sing-Up Bonus No No No
Annual fee $0 $99 $99
points per $1 spent on JetBlue purchases
2 points per $1 on grocery stores & restaurants
1 point everywhere else
10000 bonus points after spending $1000 on purchases in the first 90 days
6 points per $1 spent on JetBlue purchases
Earn 40000 bonus points every year after your account anniversary.
40000 bonus points after spending $1000 on purchases in the first 90 days
Enjoy Mosaic benefits after spending $5000 or more on purchases each calendar year with your card
Receive a 50% saving on eligible inflight purchases
Enjoy an annual $100statement credit after purchasing a JetBlue Vacations package of $100or more

Information About Jetblue Credit Card You Need to Know

1.  JetBlue's loyalty program is called TrueBlue. As a member, you can get three times the score for each flight. In addition, you'll get three more TrueBlue points, which will cost $1 to buy a JetBlue card, equivalent to a total of six times the score.

2.  Keep your account in good faith so that you can earn unlimited points! Best of all, on JetBlue Airlines flights, you can exchange flight credits at any time, that is to say, your mileage concessions will not expire!

3.  In addition to the signing bonus, JetBlue Credit Card comes with a series of great benefits.

4.  Enjoy 50% savings on air tickets, such as alcoholic drinks, meals and JetBlue movies. You will also receive an introductory APR offer; details in the summary table above.

5.   Using this discount is a good way to save interest on high APR cards. In addition, JetBlue provides TrueBlue members with a unique benefit called the family pool. Unlike other airlines, the integration and transfer of family members is a challenge, and JetBlue makes it easy.

6.   If you travel abroad, you will be grateful that this card has no foreign transaction fee. Chip card technology also allows you to easily make international purchases. Family associations allow up to two adults and five children to collect points individually and then bring them together with free of charge. This plan comes in handy when trying to achieve a big travel goal, such as group reward travel.

7.  There are many ways to maximize benefits from JetBlue Credit Cards

Tip #1: Buy products from more than 700 online retailers on the ShopTrue portal. For your favorite businessmen, you can earn 19 percentage points per dollar. You'll find stores like Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, and Sephora.

Tip # 2: Fill out the questionnaire and transfer it to your TrueBlue account at the e-rewards and survey points to earn extra points. Get 350 points and complete your first survey at Electronic Awards and 400 points. Then earn extra points for completing additional surveys!

Tip #3: Book a car rental and get extra TrueBlue points. JetBlue works with car rental companies Avis, Budget, Carmel, Hertz and unpaid. You can even get points for parking in the parking lot or booking a ride through Zipcar.

Tip #4: Transfer American Express Membership Award to your TrueBlue account. The transmission rate is 250:200.

Should You Get Jetblue Credit Card?

JetBlue replaces the elite identity program, allowing members to get mosaic badges. To unlock the badge, you need 30 flight segments plus 12,000 basic TrueBlue points, or just 15,000 basic points.

You need to be elected every year, but the extra allowance includes a 15,000-point bonus, three times the bonus for booking tickets (among other points), and up to two free checked baggage for you and anyone on your journey.

You can also use fast safety lines, early boarding, dedicated customer service lines, and free-on-board alcoholic drinks. In addition, there are no fees for changing or eliminating those mosaic statuses.

What is a balance transfer credit card?

Balance transfer credit cards give people the opportunity to transfer from a high-interest credit card to a lower-interest credit card. They also can help cardholders save a lot of money they need to pay for interest. For example, if you have a high balance on a reward credit card at 23% APR, you can transfer the debt to a balance transfer credit card with a lower rate during the introductory period, so you can save money on interest and pay down your debt faster. However, you can only transfer an amount up to your credit limit on the new credit card.                

What are the benefits of balance transfer credit cards?

Low balance transfer APR

Low balance transfer APR can help you to pay existing debt faster. This is because you can get a low promotion or introductory APR to pay the balance within a specified time frame.

Low introductory APR

This may help you cut time which takes to reduce your debt and save money on interest.

Easy to keep track of your payment

Consolidating all of your balances on to one card with a low introductory APR instead of paying multiple credit cards on multiple due dates, means you only have to keep track of one payment a month.  

What do you need to apply for a balance transfer credit card?

Credit score

The issuer will review your personal credit history when determining whether to approve your credit card and what terms you are eligible for. Responsible past use of credit will maximize your chances.


You can apply for a store credit card online, in banks or by email depending on the card. And you just need to fill in your personal information and submit your application. The credit card issuer will consider your credit reports and several different factors when reviewing your application to get an idea of your creditworthiness.                

How to use a balance transfer credit card?

Read your credit card terms and conditions.

This will give you an idea of how you can earn rewards, when rewards will post and other information. Check if the introductory APR offer and the introductory balance transfer fee apply only to the balance transfer, regular purchases, or both.

Pay down the debt

Avoid just chasing 0% balance transfer offers or keep bouncing balances from one card to another. Try to find a great balance transfer offer and making a plan to pay down your debt as soon as possible.

How to complete a balance transfer

When you respond to a balance transfer offer, you can indicate the account numbers you want to pay and how much you want to transfer.

After you get approved for the balance transfer, the new credit card issuer will contact your creditors or billers on your behalf and pay them the amount you want to transfer. This processing maybe takes up to two weeks.

If you have any payments due before that time, you have to make those payments by their due dates in order to avoid late fees.                

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About Jetblue Credit Card

JetBlue consistently receives the highest customer satisfaction scores among low-cost carriers in the United States. While they no longer provide free checked bags to all passengers, JetBlue offers a number of inflight perks that keep passengers happy.

From free internet on many flights to unlimited snacks to free satellite television, JetBlue is a solid way to fly around the U.S. (and to a number of other countries).

With the Barclays JetBlue Plus Card, you can make these flights even more enjoyable thanks to a number of perks, and even earn True Blue points for award flights.

As a World Elite MasterCard credit card, you can also count on it coming with a number of consumer protections.

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