At&t Universal Credit Card

AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card is designed for frequent users of AT&T. Like most retail credit cards, the APR range of this card may be high. This means that cardholders who lack consumption planning may find themselves in trouble in clearing their balance between months. That is to say, for cardholders with good credit, the variable interest rate of credit cards starts at a moderate 14.99%. If your credit history is flawed, you may be treated exceptionally, with an APR of 23.99%. This makes it even more important to pay your AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card bills in full when they are due. Otherwise, you risk denying your rewards and benefits.

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At&t Universal Credit Card List

AT&T Access Card From Citi

The AT&T Access Card from Citi is an easy way for current AT&T customers to earn points on their monthly phone, cable and internet payments. For others, it won’t be nearly as useful.

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What Credit Cards Are Available? (1)

AT&T Access Card From Citi AT&T Access Card From Citi
Sing-Up Bonus No
Annual fee $0
Bonus points on AT&T
Bonus points on gas
No annual fee

Information About AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card You Need to Know

1. Remember, spend at least $1,000 in the first three months to earn 10,000 thank-you points. These points will help you when you need a big discount in the future.

2. When using AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card, try to cash gift cards or travel rewards to get the highest possible conversion rate.

3.  Citibank's thank-you points are one of the special features of AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card, which can be cashed in a variety of ways. The actual value of each point depends on how you use it. Although you can buy Electronics and other goods with points, cash with points, and even shop on Amazon, Expedia, Live Nation, and other partners' websites, if you choose to exchange gift cards or travel shopping points, the reward range will be greater. In this way, you can save 1% of the points compared with other cards. For example, when you use a cash return or settlement credit incentives, you will get a conversion rate of 0.5 cents/point.

4. Sometimes, AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card members can receive promotional offers through text message reminders or customer service notifications, which are twice the rewarded value when combined with loyalty schemes.

5. When traveling abroad, you'd better choose to leave your AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card at home to avoid paying 3% foreign transaction fee.

Should You Get AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card?

I'm not sure if I want to apply for this card. If any of the following is in line with you, AT&T Access Card From Citi Credit Card can be your consideration.

1. You want to get mobile phones and cable TV through AT&T, and you want to get some rewards by paying your monthly bills.

2.  It's not difficult for you to spend $1,000 in the first three months to get 10,000 points to thank you for the bonus.

3.  You often book air tickets and hotels online to improve your travel plan.

4.   Instead of choosing what you like in a physical store. You are more likely to buy what you need online. This is a choice of consumption habits.

5.  You hope that the merchants can provide a variety of schemes to meet your needs at different times.

6.  You are looking for a card that will be very helpful for your trip. This card will help you get , accommodation, rental car, etc.



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