Bank of America® Travel Rewards

Bank of America® Travel Rewards
Issued by Bank of America
Card Rating:3.90
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Annual Fee
Regular APR
16.99% - 24.99% Variable

Additional Information

Balance Transfer Fee
3% (min $10)
Purchase Intro APR
0% for12 billing cycles
Transfer Intro APR
Not Offered
Late Payment Fee
Returned Payment Fee
Up to $27
Cash Advance Rate
See Terms
Cash Advance Fee
See Terms
Foreign Transaction Fee
Smart Chip
Yes, chip-and-PIN
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Sign-up Bonus

20,000 online bonus points if you make at least $1


No Rewards..

Application Requirements

Minimum credit score
Minimum Age
18 years of age


  • More restrictive than a straight cash back card
  • If you're a big spender with excellent credit and willing to pay an annual fee, there are cards with higher rewards

How To Apply Bank of America® Travel Rewards

  • You can apply for the Bank Of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card by selecting the appropriate Apply Now button below.

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How To Use Bank of America® Travel Rewards

Where Can You Use Bank Of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card?

  • It can be used where Visa accepts

Pay Your Bank Of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card Bill On Time

  • Just be sure to make on-time payments. A late payment could cut the card's introductory period short.

Something About Bank Of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card 

  • Earn unlimited 1.5 points per $1 spent on all purchases, with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees and your points don't expire

  • NEW OFFER: 25,000 online bonus points if you make at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening - that can be a $250 statement credit toward travel purchases

  • Use your card to book your trip how and where you want – you’re not limited to specific websites with blackout dates or restrictions

  • Redeem points for a statement credit to pay for flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, rental cars, or baggage fees

  • Comes with chip technology for enhanced security and protection at chip-enabled terminals

  • 0% Introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases, then 16.99% - 24.99% Variable APR

  • Get an additional 10% customer points bonus on every purchase when you have an active Bank of America® checking or savings account

  • If you’re a Preferred Rewards client, you can increase that bonus to 25% - 75%

Credit Card Reviews

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BofA Travel Card the Best Deal Out There for Platinum Honors BofA Depositors
1 year ago

I think that this "travel card" (which I have) is actually the best "cash back" card out there at 2.63% on every charge you make. While good at 1.5%, you only hit that 2.63% "cash back" level IF you happen to have the right profile: (1) you keep at least $100k at BofA or Merrill Lynch, (2) travel (or use hotels) even a bit, and (3) are happy to take your "cash back" as a statement credit. Although redemption isn't automatic, I just tickle in my calendar to take my rewards at least once annually. You can apply your "points" to your past 1 year's broadly defined "travel" charges that include all parking, hotels, air fares, travel agency fees, taxis, etc. (whether local or not). So, if you charge $5k per month on your card, you would need to bill $1,575 per year on all so-called "travel" to be able to get your 2.63% reward. I also have the 2 other best "cash back" cards I've found both at 2% (Citi Double Cash MasterCard & Fidelity Rewards Visa). As to major airline travel cards, I think Nerd Wallet shows Delta's as having the opportunity for over a 2.63% recovery on the dollar at 3.2%, but the card has a fee and 3.2% is only available for "some" foreign travel. I personally don't do travel overseas enough to be sure to benefit. Although the above review confirms that Platinum Honors BofA clients get $262.50 back on $10k spending, I don't think it adequately notes how much like a "cash back" card this is and that no higher percentage recoveries are available if you meet the right profile.

Late fee - no one time waiver / No flight rewards
1 year ago

I've used BoA for about a year now and have paid in full every single time. This month, I accidentally let the due date pass. I called customer service and after 20 minutes, got to talk to a guy who was curt and refused to do a one-time waiver of the $25 fee. I also never got any flight rewards in spite of buying 3 international tickets worth $3,000 a few months ago. The second customer service rep I talked to said she cannot do anything because the first customer rep I talked to - aka BoA GOD - made the decision. Go with any other credit card company if you want better service and flexibility. I find American Express, PNC, Chase and credit unions to be way better than Bank of America.

The Card Sucks!!
1 year ago

THe current bonus is capped to 1.5 miles per dollar spend whereas there are many cards with no annual fee giving 3% on Travel and airlines spend like UBER VISA.. And the worst of all is the Bank of America Travel center where they get the worst deals on the flight CAUTION: do not trust the prices on travel center they are the lowest possible options and the seats rejected by airlines. If you are looking for travel always book thru Airlines.the only thing I liked about this card is it gives 1.5 miles for all transactions.

Awesome travel card
1 year ago

I lived abroad and traveled abroad with this card and its fabulous. I also had my limit increased a year after I got it, so I'm not sure why other people did not get that. I love getting points for everything and no foreign transaction fees was a big yes for me!

Excellent points card with no annual fee
1 year ago

Own it for 2 years, points never expire and can be used for anything travel related including parking charges! No hassle, no annual fees and very simple to manage through the bank app. Best part, US based customer service!

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