BankAmericard® Credit Card

BankAmericard® Credit Card
Issued by Bank of America
Card Rating:2.80
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Annual Fee
Regular APR
14.99% - 24.99% Variable

Additional Information

Balance Transfer Fee
3% (min $10)
Purchase Intro APR
0% for18 billing cycles
Transfer Intro APR
0% for18 billing cycles for balance transfers made in the first 60 days
Late Payment Fee
Returned Payment Fee
Up to $27
Cash Advance Rate
See Terms
Cash Advance Fee
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Foreign Transaction Fee
Smart Chip
Yes, chip-and-PIN
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Sign-up Bonus



No Rewards..

Application Requirements

Minimum credit score
Minimum Age
18 years of age


  • No rewards

How To Apply BankAmericard® Credit Card

You can apply for the ankAmericard® Credit Card by selecting the appropriate Apply Now button below.

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How To Use BankAmericard® Credit Card

Where Can You Use BankAmericard® Credit Card?

  • You can use BankAmericard® Credit Card online or at the store.

Pay Your BankAmericard® Credit Card Bill On Time

  • Just be sure to make on-time payments. A late payment could cut the card's introductory period short.

Something About BankAmericard® Credit Card Rewards

  • NEW OFFER: 0% Introductory APR for 18 billing cycles for purchases and for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days, then, 14.99% - 24.99% Variable APR. 3% fee (min $10) applies to balance transfers

  • No annual fee

  • No penalty APR. Paying late won't automatically raise your interest rate (APR). Other account pricing and terms apply.

  • Access your FICO® Score for free within Online Banking or your Mobile Banking app

Credit Card Reviews

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Great Starter Card
1 year ago

I applied for this card when I had little to no credit history, age 18 with my first job and nothing else. After a $100 collateral they gave me a $500 credit line, so I had a partially secured line of credit. Never had any issues with the card and the BoA mobile app and website are top notch. Their customer service isn't the greatest but I only had to deal with them after a dispute with a merchant. 

No fee, Good for credit, No benefits
1 year ago

I was offered this card after being a Bank of America customer for a little bit. I had no credit history at the time and no job but I was approved for a $500 credit line. After using it for a while, I was able to build credit for a little while and get other credit cards. It is a good stepping stone card but with its lack of benefits, it loses its appeal after a while. I have had it with no late payments for ten months with no credit line increase. I have had absolutely no problems with it.

1 year ago

Leave boa alone

They Regularly, Randomly, Block the Card
1 year ago

They Regularly, Randomly, Block the Card Usage for No Reason!  Embarrassing!

I tried to use my BankAmericard VISA at a restaurant in MY neighborhood, at a restaurant where we REGULARLY eat.  BankAmericard denied the charge and put a block on my card use.  Two hours later BankAmericard sent me a text saying that BankAmericard denied that charge and placed a block on my card because the charge at the restaurant was an 'irregular spending pattern.'  Again, this is a restaurant in my neighborhood near my house and I eat there regularly.

This was embarrassing and irritating.  This happened in front of my family and friends with whom we were dining.  To make it worse I am friends with the owners, as are my in-laws, and my kids went to school with the owner's kids.  Even though you know someone you always wonder what is going on with someone who has his credit card use denied...

This is the third time that this has happened.  I'm now in the process of obtaining a credit card that is more reliable and has a security/fraud team with IQ's above 10!

Terrible customer service.
1 year ago

Don't waste your time.

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