Discover it® Cash Back

Discover it® Cash Back
Issued by Discover Bank
Advertiser Disclosure
Annual Fee
Regular APR
13.99% - 24.99% (V)

Additional Information

Balance Transfer Fee
Purchase Intro APR
0% for14 months
Transfer Intro APR
0% for14 months
Late Payment Fee
Returned Payment Fee
Up to $37
Cash Advance Rate
26.99% (V)
Cash Advance Fee
5% (min $10)
Foreign Transaction Fee
Smart Chip
Yes, chip-and-signature
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Sign-up Bonus

INTRO OFFER: Discover will match ALL the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year, automatically. There's no signing up. And no limit to how much is matched.


Earn 5% cash back at different places each quarter like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants,, or wholesale clubs up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate.
Plus, earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases - automatically.
Redeem cash back any amount, any time. Rewards never expire.
Use your rewards at checkout.

Application Requirements

Minimum credit score
Minimum Age
18 years of age

How To Apply Discover it® Cash Back

  1. Press the “Apply” button below!
  2. Complete the application with your personal details and financial details.
  3. Review and submit your application.
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How To Use Discover it® Cash Back

  1. You can only use the Discover it® Cash Back at Store
  2. You can use the Discover it® Cash Back anywhere that Visa/Master is accepted
  3. Pay your balance on time.
  4. Avoid unnecessary interest and fees.
  5. If you have any question, you can contact the credit card's customer service.

Credit Card Reviews

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Absolutely terrible card
1 year ago

Background about my income and credit history: personal taxes last year was 400k. I have a score of 815+ across all 3. I've never paid a penny of credit card interest in my life. My personal credit card limits range from 30k to 100k. My business credit cards are all over 100k limits. Combined I have 350k in personal card limits. I applied for this card expecting a high limit. They gave me a 10k limit and asked for all types of security verification, documentation verification and made me fill out a 4506T form, threatening to close my account if I didn't send it within 10 days. I've never seen a company come across so demanding and confrontational to a new customer. I can only imagine how much worse it will get as time passes.Furthermore, they were not straightforward as to why I had to go through all these hoops. I have never seen any credit card company ask for a 4506 form for a credit card application. This isn't a refi or mortgage application. I'm not applying for a small business loan. I believe this credit card company is meant for lower earners with negative credit history. My mortgage and car payments are less than 8% of my income, yet they decided to assign a limit that an 18 year old kid working at Big 5 sporting goods could receive. If you have excellent credit, low monthly utilization and a great history of credit, I strongly recommend not applying for this card and looking at other cards available. I give this card a big ZERO out of 10 in terms of credit card limit, customer service and professionalism.

Very Solid 2% Earning Credit Card
1 year ago

So this credit card has worked fantastically for me over the last year. I think it is a great, simple choice, for one card that does it all. 2% cash back for the first year is the benefit of this card. I never got much out of the rotating categories of 5%, it was the overall 2% that made it a good card. One important thing, everyone takes discover nowadays. I used this card for every possible purchase over the course of the year and I think maybe one time somebody didn't take it. Bottom line, don't worry about an "off card". The "spend analyzer" on the website is really good too. Discover gives you great charts and graphs on where you're spending, and how much. Very useful and better than any other bank's spend tracking. I give 4/5 stars because it isn't 2% forever. Now that is is just 1% (as my first year is up) I will most likely open a new card to regain my 2%. It would have also have been nice to have had a bonus available for spending a certain amount in the first three months or something. But again- Great card, never had an issue, simple websites and apps to use, easy to pay, can't say enough good things. I highly recommend, especially to a beginner like I was.

Best Card
Brett Duncan
1 year ago

This was my first credit card. I got the secure credit version of this card when I turned 18 and after making payments on time they converted it to the Discover It card. I have since gotten another credit card which has only reinforced my desire for this card. The rewards are very good... 5% cash back on revolving categories, no foreign transaction fee, cashback match for your first year, no annual fee, etc. But the real contender with this card is their customer service. You can always pick up the phone and call the 1800 number, speaking to a real person located in the US in minutes. This is something that is hard to find with CC these days.

The only credit card that will take a Judgment out from the 2008 crisis and not settle or call you back
1 year ago

I had just about every credit card there was before the real estate market crashed in 2008. I had perfect credit. I was in real estate so I lost pretty much all my income and went through a divorce at the same time. I took out my entire 401K trying to pay my Bill's. Every other creditor worked with me. Discover took out a Judgment on my house for thousands more than I owed them so I couldn't refinance to lower my payments to be able to pay my other debts. I tried to call the law firm that handled it to settle it and they never called me back... when I called them back they had transferred it to another law firm that would never give me an answer to my settlement. American Express is the best credit card I've ever had. They were amazing when I had them and realized they had made plenty of money off me over the years and didn't hit me while I was down. I am still struggling to make my house payment because I can't refinance it and lower it because Discover card won't even call me back. They've already written it off. Do yourself a favor and dont get a Discover Card

Excellent Company
1 year ago

I really love Discover, they are super great to work with and approved us for a large limit. Thank you Discover

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